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Penannular Brooch, Rams Head, Scottish Cloak Pin

Penannular Brooch, Rams Head, Scottish Cloak Pin

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This stunningly beautiful Scottish Ram’s head penannular brooch can be worn a number of ways. This piece was original designed and made by the famous jeweler, John Hart and is signed JH, Iona. This piece is a reproduction of the original.

It's design is from the Celtic Revival period, made famous by Alexander & Euphemia Ritchie who worked on the Scottish Holy Isle of Iona c 1910-40. The ancient rams head zoomorphic design motif is very detailed and ornate, with a solid heavy rotating penannular pin that has a matching rams face on the top.

This piece is cast by lost wax casting and the piece measures 2" (51mm) across the body of the penannular; the pin is a bit longer. It weighs 13 grams and is made from the finest sterling silver.


1. Open the cloak pin so that the pin is pointing in the opposite direction to the hole in the ring.

2. Stick the pin through the cloth and then back out again so that the pin is held in place by the cloth.

3. Close the cloak pin all the way so that the end of the pin passes through opening in the ring.

4. Turn the ring 90 degrees.

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