• Celtic Products

    Celtic Empire strives to create Leather & Jewellery products that recreates a awareness of Celtic Culture.


    A wide selection of products from which to choose, Note Pads, Journals and wallets. Whatever your heart desires.

  • Celtic Leather Goods

    From the beginning of time things have been made from leather. Likewise we create Keyrings - Wallets, Bags & Belts.

  • Custom Work

    Custom made is the same as "Made to Measure" Or clothing that is "Taylor Made". It requires careful measurements and in cases or pouches a wooden copy has to be made.

  • Celtic Jewellery

    Celtic Jewellery in silver & gold adapted from ancient artefacts and manuscripts.

Timeless Celtic Jewellery & Leather


Celtic Art - Celtic Artist - Celtic Arts at Celtic Empire, where you'll find an exceptional collection of Celtic treasures. These Celtic art items make wonderful and thoughtful gifts that will be cherished for years and displayed with pride. Whether you are Celtic in heritage or at heart, our Gaelic spin on things is sure to enliven your spirit.


The Celtic Empire Collection showcases the work of Celtic Artist Rudi Diesvelt, who interprets the designs of his Celtic heritage and preserves the tradition by handcrafting leather, gold and silver. The wide variety of giftware featured on this site - ranging from business portfolios to wedding bands to museum pieces - is deeply engraved with beautiful, flowing designs.


Our products are handcrafted exclusively from natural materials - including wood, metal, bone and leather with vegetable-based dye. Furthermore, many items are made using the same tools and techniques our heritage used centuries ago.