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Falconer Large 1" Scottish Family Clan Crest Pendant - Sterling Silver

Falconer Large 1" Scottish Family Clan Crest Pendant - Sterling Silver

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The Scottish Large 1” Clan Crest Pendant offers a striking way to honor your Scottish heritage, meticulously crafted with pride and precision. Here are the key details:

- Material: Available in sterling silver or gold, each pendant is handcrafted with exquisite attention to detail.
- Design: The Clan crest, measuring 25 mm (1") in diameter, is solid in weight and beautifully rendered to showcase the intricate details of your heritage.
- Chain Options: Choose from optional Italian-made sterling silver box link chains in various lengths: 45.72 cm (18"), 50.8 cm (20"), 55.8 cm (22"), or 61 cm (24"). For gold chain options, please inquire.
- Craftsmanship: Crafted using the "lost wax" casting technique, allowing for deeper carving of master designs in wax, resulting in unparalleled detail and quality.
- Extensive Range: With over 300 Clans represented, including even the smallest Clans, there's a pendant for every heritage. Additionally, the company offers a wide range of Clan jewelry, including rings, badges, kilt pins, cufflinks, lapel pins, sgian dubhs, and other pendant styles.
- Legacy: With nearly 44 years of experience, the company continues to uphold the tradition of crafting fine Scottish jewelry, now serving the descendants of its original customers.

By wearing this pendant, you proudly display your Scottish heritage, connecting with the legacy of your ancestors and celebrating the rich tapestry of Scottish culture. Designed and made by a Scottish craftsman, each piece carries the spirit of Alba gu bràth!

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