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Duncan Sketraw Family Clan Crest Scottish Cap Badge

Duncan Sketraw Family Clan Crest Scottish Cap Badge

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Embrace your esteemed Scottish Clan heritage with our distinguished Scottish Clan Crest Badge, a symbol of loyalty and pride.

Individually sculpted with exquisite detail, the Clan crest is available in your choice of pewter or sterling silver, each surrounded by a meticulously crafted three-dimensional belt and buckle design, featuring your motto in raised relief lettering. Please note that the sterling silver badge is custom-made to order, requiring an additional week for production.

Measuring 1-3/4" (45mm) in width by 2-1/4" (57mm) in length, this striking badge is adorned with a high-quality pin back, ensuring secure and stylish attachment.

The cap or bonnet badge, an ancient tradition within Clan culture, serves as the most venerable form of displaying Clan affiliation. Historically bestowed by the Clan chief to his clansmen, this badge symbolizes loyalty and unity within the Clan.

With an extensive range of over 125 Clan items available, including Clan rings, pendants, brooches, kilt buckles, decanters, pocket watches, cufflinks, flasks, kilt pins, charms, garments, and more, we offer a comprehensive selection to honor your Clan lineage. Simply reference any Clan product listing and specify your Clan name in the notes section to personalize your order.

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