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Crawford Family Clan Crest Celtic Interlace Disk Pendant, Scottish Family Crest

Crawford Family Clan Crest Celtic Interlace Disk Pendant, Scottish Family Crest

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Elevate your Scottish heritage with our exquisite Scottish Clan Crest Interlace Pendant, available in pewter, sterling silver, or karat gold. This captivating pendant features an intricate Celtic Interlace double knot scroll surrounding the outer edge, symbolizing the concept of never-ending life with its continuous design.

At the heart of the pendant lies your unique Clan crest, mounted in the center of the interlace design, creating a striking and dramatic presentation. The reverse side of the disk showcases a raised Celtic triskele, a powerful symbol representing the triad of life, death, and rebirth, among other significant concepts in Celtic culture.

Encircling the Clan crest is a detailed belt and buckle design, bearing your Clan motto in raised relief lettering. In ancient times, the Chief of the Clan would present this crest to his Clansmen as a symbol of their loyalty and Clan affiliation. The Clan Crest itself measures 11/16" (19.5 mm) in diameter, while the overall disk diameter is 1-1/16" (42.8 mm).

Choose from an 18", 20", 22", or 24" sterling silver Italian box link chain (for sterling silver or gold pendants) or an 18" base metal curb link chain (for pewter pendants) to complete your pendant. The gold pendant comes with a sterling silver chain.

With all Scottish Clans available without exception, this pendant allows you to proudly display your heritage. Designed and made by a skilled Scottish craftsman in our small Studio, this pendant is a testament to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Add a touch of Scottish elegance to your attire with our Clan Crest Interlace Pendant, a cherished symbol of your identity and heritage.

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