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Cranston Scottish Family Clan Crest Ring ~ Sterling Silver and Karat Gold

Cranston Scottish Family Clan Crest Ring ~ Sterling Silver and Karat Gold

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The GC100 SCOTTISH GENTS CLAN CREST RING is a hallmark of Scottish heritage, embodying tradition and craftsmanship.

This iconic ring features a large and robust design, with a ring top measuring 11/16" (19.5mm) in diameter. The shoulders are meticulously polished, leading to a solid back for durability. The wide and solid ring shank provides a substantial feel and look.

The ring's design elegantly incorporates a belt and buckle pattern, symbolizing membership in the Clan. The Clan motto is proudly inscribed in raised relief on the ring top, adding depth and significance to the piece. The clan crest itself is sculpted with exceptional detail, reflecting the rich history and pride of your lineage.

Handcrafted by skilled Scottish artisans, this ring has been a beloved choice for generations of Scots worldwide. As the world's largest producer of Clan Crest rings, we offer this design for every Clan, ensuring that each wearer can proudly display their heritage.

Available in various colors and karats of gold, with options for customization, this ring is a timeless symbol of Scottish identity and tradition. Made with care and precision, it stands as a testament to craftsmanship and pride.

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