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Cranston Family Clan Crest Scottish Four Thistle Brooch

Cranston Family Clan Crest Scottish Four Thistle Brooch

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Celebrate your Scottish heritage with our exquisite CLAN CREST FOUR THISTLE BROOCH, meticulously crafted to embody the essence of your Clan. Available in your choice of pewter or sterling silver, this brooch features your Clan crest at its center, surrounded by four intricately designed Oban thistles, representing the cardinal directions symbolizing your Clan's global presence.

Measuring 2" (50mm) by 2" (50mm), this brooch is adorned with a high-quality nickel silver bar pin on the reverse, positioned east to west for secure attachment. The central Clan Crest, measuring 11/16" (17mm) in diameter, serves as the focal point of this striking piece.

Symbolizing membership in your Clan, the brooch features a detailed belt and buckle design encircling the crest, with your Clan motto elegantly inscribed in raised relief lettering. Reflecting ancient traditions, this design pays homage to the exclusivity of the Clan Chief's Coat of Arms, symbolizing loyalty and affiliation.

With its intricate craftsmanship and symbolic significance, our CLAN CREST FOUR THISTLE BROOCH is a truly stunning accessory that is sure to garner admiration. Available for all Clans, if your Clan is not listed, simply reach out to us, and we will accommodate your request.

Wear your Scottish Clan crest with pride and honor, showcasing your heritage for all to see.

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