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Cranston Scottish Family Clan Crest Pocket Watch

Cranston Scottish Family Clan Crest Pocket Watch

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Introducing the CLAN CREST BLACK POCKET WATCH – a timeless tribute to your Scottish heritage. Embellished with two centuries-old motifs cherished by your esteemed Clan and the Celtic tradition, this exquisite timepiece exudes elegance and cultural significance. 

Crafted with precision, the watch features your Clan crest alongside the iconic Celtic interlace knot design, symbolizing eternal life and love. Expertly fashioned in either pewter or sterling silver, the crest and interlace motif adorn the center of a sleek, glossy black Hunter pocket watch.

Operated by a high-quality quartz movement, this analog pocket watch boasts classic black hands with Arabic Numerals, easily accessible with a button on the stem. The reverse side of the case offers a blank canvas, ready for personalized engraving at your local kiosk.

Presented with an elegant removable alloy chain featuring a lobster claw clip, this timepiece is both practical and sophisticated. The scratch-resistant stainless steel case, finished with a baked black mirror enamel, ensures durability and style.

With a standard diameter of 1-13/16" (47 mm), this pocket watch is suitable for any occasion, be it casual or formal. Ideal for weddings, it adds a touch of heritage and refinement to any ensemble.

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