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Clark Family Clan Crest Double Drop Pendant

Clark Family Clan Crest Double Drop Pendant

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Wear your proud Scottish Clan heritage with elegance through our Clan Crest Interlace Double Drop Pendant. This exquisite piece combines intricate Celtic interlace designs on either side with your Clan crest mounted in the center, creating a striking presentation.

Crafted in your choice of pewter, sterling silver, or Karat gold, this pendant comes with a standard 18-inch chain, with options for longer lengths available. The pendant itself measures 1-7/16 inches wide by 7/8 inches long, with the Clan Crest measuring 11/16 inches in diameter.

Symbolizing everlasting life or love, the Celtic interlace adds a beautiful touch to your display of Clan pride. The pendant is adorned with a detailed belt and buckle design, featuring your Clan motto in raised relief lettering.

In ancient tradition, the Clan chief presented the Clan crest to members as a symbol of loyalty and affiliation. Now, you can carry on this tradition with our beautifully crafted pendant, available for all Clans.

Whether in pewter, sterling silver, or gold, each piece is made by a skilled Scottish craftsman, ensuring quality and authenticity. Celebrate your heritage in style with our Clan Crest Interlace Double Drop Pendant.

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