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Chisholm Family Clan Crest Stick or Cravat pin, Sterling Silver

Chisholm Family Clan Crest Stick or Cravat pin, Sterling Silver

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Elevate Your Style with the Scottish Clan Crest Stick Pin

Add a touch of Scottish heritage to your attire with our exquisite Scottish Clan Crest Stick Pin, crafted from sterling silver for timeless elegance and versatility. This stunning piece serves as a versatile accessory, perfect for adorning lapels, scarves, cravats, hats, and more—a true testament to its unique charm and functionality.

Versatility meets sophistication in this sterling silver stick pin, featuring your Clan crest mounted on a nickel silver pin with a matching cap. The Clan Crest, measuring 11/16” in diameter (19.5mm), exudes intricate detail and craftsmanship, capturing the essence of your proud lineage and heritage.

Whether worn on a lapel for a touch of refinement, on a cravat or scarf for a classic look, or as a hat pin for added flair, this Clan Crest stick pin is a timeless accessory that complements any ensemble with understated elegance.

In Victorian times, the cravat adorned the attire of gentlemen, while Scottish poet Robert Burns often wore a cravat with a pin—a symbol of sophistication and style. Now, you too can embrace this tradition with our exquisite stick pin, a perfect gift idea for both men and women seeking a unique and meaningful accessory.

With all Clans in stock for immediate delivery, you can proudly display your Clan affiliation with this stunning stick pin, a cherished piece that celebrates your heritage in style. Additionally, this stick pin is available in solid karat gold as a special order, offering a luxurious option for those seeking the epitome of elegance.

Embrace tradition, sophistication, and style with our Scottish Clan Crest Stick Pin—a versatile accessory that adds a touch of heritage to any outfit, making it a timeless and cherished piece for generations to come.

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