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Carmichael Family Clan Crest Celtic Cross Pendant Scottish

Carmichael Family Clan Crest Celtic Cross Pendant Scottish

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Celebrate your proud Scottish Clan heritage with our stunning sterling silver or pewter pendant, a masterpiece that combines the timeless beauty of a Celtic cross with the rich symbolism of your Clan crest. Expertly crafted with intricate detail, this pendant features your Clan crest mounted at its center, surrounded by a captivating Celtic cross background.

Measuring 11/16" (19.5mm) in diameter, the Clan crest takes center stage, while the elaborate Celtic cross extends to a square of 1-3/16" (30mm). Each pendant comes with your choice of an 18", 20", or 22" Italian box link chain for sterling silver, or a nickel-plated 18" chain for pewter.

The design is further enhanced by a detailed belt and buckle motif, with your Clan motto inscribed in raised relief lettering. This traditional symbol of loyalty and Clan affiliation pays homage to ancient Scottish heritage, where the chief of the Clan presented his crest to Clansmen as a mark of honor.

Crafted using the "lost wax casting" process, our sterling silver and karat gold Clan master designs are meticulously sculpted by hand, allowing for unparalleled depth and detail. We take pride in creating the finest Clan crests available, ensuring each piece is a true work of art.

With over 43 years of experience in the Scottish Clan crest business, we continue to uphold our legacy by crafting exquisite jewelry for generations to come. Join us in preserving and celebrating your Clan heritage with this magnificent pendant, a cherished symbol of pride and tradition.

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