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Boyle Family Clan Crest Scottish Four Thistle Brooch

Boyle Family Clan Crest Scottish Four Thistle Brooch

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Introducing our exquisite Clan Crest Four Thistle Brooch, a symbol of your proud Scottish heritage and the enduring legacy of your Clan.

Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, this brooch features your Clan crest at the center, surrounded by four elegantly designed Oban thistle motifs representing the cardinal directions of the world. The central Clan Crest measures 11/16" (17mm) in diameter, while the entire brooch spans 2" (50mm) by 2" (50mm).

Available in your choice of pewter or sterling silver, each brooch is adorned with a high-quality nickel silver bar pin on the reverse, positioned east to west for secure attachment.

The intricate belt and buckle design surrounding your Clan crest symbolize your membership in the Clan, with the motto inscribed in raised relief lettering. It's worth noting that only the Clan Chief is entitled to use the Coat of Arms, as it is considered their exclusive property under Scottish law. In ancient times, the chief presented their crest to Clansmen as a symbol of loyalty and affiliation.

This stunning piece is certain to captivate attention wherever you go, serving as a proud emblem of your Scottish heritage. Available for all Clans, if you don't find yours listed, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Showcase your Scottish Clan with pride by adorning yourself with our exquisite Clan Crest Four Thistle Brooch—a timeless tribute to your ancestry and heritage.
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