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Boyd Family Clan Crest Scottish Pewter Cap Badge

Boyd Family Clan Crest Scottish Pewter Cap Badge

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Display your proud Scottish Clan heritage with our large Scottish Clan Badge, a symbol of your lineage and tradition.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this badge features the clan crest sculpted in pewter with exquisite precision. Surrounding the crest is a detailed three-dimensional belt and buckle design, with your Clan motto inscribed in raised relief lettering.

Measuring 1-5/8" in width and 2" in length (41mm x 51mm), this badge is substantial and eye-catching, making it a statement piece for any Highlander.

The cap or bonnet badge has ancient origins, serving as a traditional way to display Clan affiliation. In times past, the Clan chief presented these badges to their clansmen as a symbol of loyalty and allegiance.

Wear this beautiful Clan badge with pride, honoring the legacy of your Clan and the rich heritage of Scotland.
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