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Borthwick Scottish Family Clan Crest Pocket Watch

Borthwick Scottish Family Clan Crest Pocket Watch

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Elevate your style with the timeless elegance of our Clan Crest Black Pocket Watch, a tribute to your Scottish heritage and the enduring beauty of Celtic artistry.

Crafted to perfection, this pocket watch features two iconic symbols deeply rooted in Scottish culture: your Clan crest and the Celtic interlace knot design, symbolizing everlasting life or love. Expertly created in either pewter or sterling silver, your unique Clan crest takes center stage on the glossy black powder-coated Hunter pocket watch.

Opening with a button on the stem, the high-quality analog watch reveals classical black hands with Arabic numbers, ensuring precision timekeeping. The reverse side of the case offers a blank canvas, perfect for engraving a personal message or meaningful date at your local engraving kiosk.

Powered by a precision quartz movement, this battery-operated pocket watch comes with an elegant removable matching alloy chain, featuring a lobster claw clip for secure attachment. The case, made of high-quality scratch-resistant stainless steel with a baked black mirror enamel finish, exudes durability and sophistication.

With a standard pocket watch size, measuring 1-13/16" (47 mm) in diameter, and the Celtic interlace design mounted on the surface measuring 1-3/16" (30 mm), this timepiece is perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Whether worn as a stylish accessory or a meaningful keepsake, our Clan Crest Black Pocket Watch is a must-have for any proud Scot, making it an ideal choice for weddings and special events.
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