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Bannerman Scottish Family Clan Crest Cufflinks

Bannerman Scottish Family Clan Crest Cufflinks

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Display your proud Scottish Clan heritage with elegance by wearing these exquisite Clan crest cufflinks. Each cufflink boasts a diameter of 11/16" (19.5 mm) and is meticulously handcrafted in your choice of metal: pewter, sterling silver, 10K gold, or 14K gold.

For pewter cufflinks, the backs are made of silver-plated base metal, while sterling silver cufflinks feature solid sterling silver backs, and gold cufflinks come with matching gold backs, ensuring a seamless and luxurious finish.

The Scottish Clan crest is encircled by a detailed belt and buckle design, with your Clan motto inscribed in raised relief lettering, evoking the rich tradition and history of Scottish Clans. In ancient times, the Clan chief would present the Clan crest to their Clansmen as a symbol of loyalty and affiliation, a tradition honored in the craftsmanship of these cufflinks.

With all Clans available, customization options are also offered, allowing you to request alternative spellings or specify a Clan name if it's not readily available. These cufflinks represent the epitome of detailed craftsmanship, making them the finest Scottish Clan crest cufflinks available worldwide.

While most Clans are readily available in pewter and sterling silver, 10K and 14K gold cufflinks are custom-made to order, ensuring that every piece meets your exact specifications. Don't wait any longer to adorn yourself with your Clan's heritage—order your Clan cufflinks today and proudly showcase your Scottish roots in style.
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