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Armstrong Family Clan Crest Sgian Dubh, Scottish Knife

Armstrong Family Clan Crest Sgian Dubh, Scottish Knife

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The Scottish Clan Crest Sgian Dubh is a beautiful and traditional piece that allows you to proudly display your Clan affiliation. Available mounted with your Clan crest in lead-free pewter or fine sterling silver, this Sgian Dubh is crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Measuring 7-1/2" long by 1-3/8" wide, it features a stainless steel blade and nickel silver plated fittings. The top is adorned with an imitation topaz, sapphire blue, or emerald green synthetic stone for an added touch of elegance.

The Clan crest is surrounded by a detailed belt and buckle design, with your clan motto inscribed in raised relief lettering. This design pays homage to the tradition where the chief of the Clan would present the crest to Clansmen as a symbol of loyalty and affiliation. The Clan Crest itself measures 11/16" (19.5mm) in diameter.

While this item is made to order, it typically takes only a few days to complete. Every Clan is available, and to complete your special order, you can add your Clan name in the comment area when ordering.

It's important to note that while this Sgian Dubh is well-made, the handle and sheath are made of resin material, and the fittings are plated. This economy model provides a beautiful representation of traditional Scottish heritage without the high price tag of genuine old Sgian Dubh with sterling silver fittings, which can cost over $1,000.00.

The name "Sgian Dubh" originates from its dark appearance, with early handles often hand-carved from black bog wood. Additionally, its concealed nature has led to the tradition of wearing it in open view in the top of the stocking while wearing Highland attire, symbolizing goodwill and friendship rather than ill intent. It's important to emphasize that the Sgian Dubh should not be considered a weapon.

With over forty years of experience in the Scottish Clan crest business, our company takes pride in creating Clan jewelry that has become a cherished tradition passed down through generations.
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