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Arbuthnott Family Clan Crest Luckenbooth Brooch or Pendant

Arbuthnott Family Clan Crest Luckenbooth Brooch or Pendant

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The Scottish Clan Luckenbooth Brooch or Pendant offers a beautiful way to showcase one's proud Scottish heritage with a touch of modern elegance. Crafted with exquisite detail, each piece is meticulously handcrafted in pewter, sterling silver, or solid gold, featuring the unique Clan crest.

Measuring at 1-7/16" by 1-1/2", this stunning Luckenbooth is available with a high-quality pin back or a matching 18" chain in either pewter or sterling silver. The Clan crest, measuring 11/16" in diameter, serves as the central emblem, proudly representing one's Scottish lineage.

For those seeking a truly luxurious option, the Luckenbooth can also be custom-made in solid 10K or 14K gold, with the option to include a matching chain (additional cost for the chain in Karat Gold).

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Luckenbooth holds significant historical and romantic symbolism. Originating in the 17th century, it is a cherished symbol of love, often exchanged as tokens of betrothal, affection, and friendship. The intertwined hearts and crown motif symbolize enduring love and loyalty, making it a meaningful gift for a sweetheart or cherished family member, including moms.

Overall, the Scottish Clan Luckenbooth Brooch or Pendant not only serves as a beautiful adornment but also carries deep cultural significance, embodying the rich heritage and romantic traditions of Scotland.
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