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Agnew Family Clan Crest Double Drop Pendant

Agnew Family Clan Crest Double Drop Pendant

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Elevate your Scottish Clan heritage with our stunning Clan drop pendant. This exquisite Celtic interlace pendant offers a graceful expression of your Clan pride.

Custom-crafted to perfection, this pendant seamlessly blends intricate interlace Celtic motifs on both sides, accentuating your Clan crest at the center for a striking presentation. Available in premium pewter, sterling silver, and Karat gold options, this pendant comes with a standard 18" neck size, with the flexibility to choose longer lengths at checkout, including 20" or 22".

Measuring 1-7/16" wide by 7/8" long (36mm x 23mm), this necklace features a Clan Crest diameter of 11/16" (19.5mm), ensuring a distinctive yet wearable piece.

The Celtic interlace symbolizes the eternal essence of life and love, making it a meaningful token of affection for both your Clan heritage and cherished relationships.

Embrace your Clan identity with pride as your Clan crest is gracefully encased within a detailed belt and buckle design, adorned with your Clan motto in raised relief lettering. This timeless tradition, dating back to ancient times, symbolizes loyalty and kinship within the Clan.

While most Clans are readily available in pewter and sterling silver, gold variants are custom-made to order, ensuring a personalized touch for your cherished piece.

Experience the craftsmanship of our Scottish artisans firsthand.

Indulge in the exclusivity of our Clan Crest interlace pendant, meticulously handcrafted to honor your Scottish heritage and individuality.

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