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Adair Family Clan Crest Scottish Four Thistle Brooch

Adair Family Clan Crest Scottish Four Thistle Brooch

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The Clan Crest Four Thistle Brooch is a meticulously handcrafted piece available in either pewter or sterling silver. It features your Clan crest at the center of four Oban thistle designs, symbolizing the directions in which your Clan has spread throughout the world. The central Clan Crest is 11/16" (17mm) in diameter, while the entire brooch measures 2" (50mm) by 2" (50mm). A high-quality nickel silver bar pin is positioned east to west on the reverse side for secure attachment.

Surrounding your Clan crest is a detailed belt and buckle design, traditionally symbolizing Clan membership. It's noted that only the Chief of the Clan is permitted to use the Coat of Arms as his exclusive property by Scottish law. In ancient times, the chief would present the crest to Clansmen as a symbol of loyalty and affiliation.

Described as a truly stunning piece, the brooch is sure to attract admiration and is available for all Clans. Customers are encouraged to inquire if their Clan is not listed, emphasizing the inclusivity of Clan representation.

Overall, the brooch serves as a proud display of Scottish heritage and Clan affiliation, embodying tradition and elegance.
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