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Exploring the Illustrious Legacy of Clan Carnegie: Embracing the Motto "Dread God"

Scottish Clan History

The history of Clan Carnegie is a captivating journey through the annals of Scottish heritage, marked by resilience, honor, and a profound connection to the land. Originating from the ancient Celtic earldom of Angus, the Carnegies have left an indelible imprint on Scottish history, shaping events and contributing to the cultural tapestry of the nation.

Throughout the centuries, Clan Carnegie has played a pivotal role in both local and national affairs. From their ancestral seat at Kinnaird Castle, the Carnegies have been staunch defenders of their territory, earning respect for their unwavering commitment to duty and loyalty. Their legacy extends beyond the pages of history, reflecting the enduring spirit of Scottish clans.

Today, Clan Carnegie stands as a testament to the enduring values of honor, strength, and resilience that have defined the Scottish people for generations.

Family Clan Crest

The Clan Carnegie crest is a symbol of the clan's proud heritage and noble lineage:

  • A dexter arm in armor, holding a broken spear, representing the martial prowess and strength of the Carnegies.
  • A gold escutcheon featuring a demi-lion rampant, signifying courage and nobility.
  • The crest coronet adorned with thistle leaves, underlining the clan's Scottish roots and connection to the land.
Carnegie Clan Crest

Clan Coat of Arms

The coat of arms of Clan Carnegie is a visual representation of the clan's heraldic achievements:

  • The dexter arm in armor, broken spear, and the demi-lion rampant, symbolizing the Carnegies' martial prowess, courage, and nobility.
  • The crest coronet adorned with thistle leaves, emphasizing the clan's Scottish heritage and enduring connection to the land.
  • Additional heraldic elements denoting the contributions of Clan Carnegie to Scottish history and culture.
Carnegie Clan Coat of Arms

Clan Tartan

The Clan Carnegie tartan is a distinctive pattern that pays homage to the clan's Scottish heritage:

  • Rich hues of red, green, and blue, reflecting the landscapes and traditions of Angus.
  • Earthy tones of brown and gold, symbolizing the connection to the land and the clan's enduring legacy.
  • A harmonious blend of colors, mirroring the unity and strength of Clan Carnegie.
Carnegie Clan Tartan

Clan Motto and Translation

The motto of Clan Carnegie is "Dread God," conveying a profound message rooted in both reverence and strength:

"Dread God" is a call to acknowledge the divine while embodying a sense of awe and fearlessness. In the context of Clan Carnegie, it represents a commitment to honor, duty, and the acknowledgment of forces beyond human control. The motto serves as a guiding principle, urging each member to approach life with a sense of humility, courage, and an unwavering dedication to their principles.


In conclusion, the legacy of Clan Carnegie is a captivating narrative that intertwines with the broader history of Scotland. The crest, coat of arms, tartan, and motto "Dread God" collectively encapsulate the spirit of this venerable clan. As Clan Carnegie continues to embrace its heritage, each member carries forward the values of honor, courage, and reverence for the divine, ensuring that the legacy of the Carnegies endures with pride and distinction.