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The Storied Legacy of Clan Chattan: Touch Not the Cat Bot a Glove

Scottish Clan History

Embark on a journey through time as we delve into the rich history of Clan Chattan, a clan that has woven itself into the very fabric of Scottish heritage. Clan Chattan, with roots reaching back centuries, has played a pivotal role in the tumultuous tapestry of Scottish history. From ancient battles to the forging of alliances, the clan's history is a testament to the enduring spirit of the Scottish people.

Throughout the medieval and feudal eras, Clan Chattan distinguished itself through both loyalty and martial prowess. The clan's legacy is intertwined with key moments in Scottish history, including the iconic Battle of Culloden and other conflicts that shaped the destiny of the Highlands.

Today, Clan Chattan stands as a living testament to the resilience and strength of the Scottish clans, preserving its unique heritage for generations to come.

Family Clan Crest

The Clan Chattan crest is a symbol of pride and identity, reflecting the noble lineage and character of the clan:

  • An emblematic representation of Clan Chattan's heritage and historical significance.
  • Distinctive features that convey the values and traditions upheld by the Chattan clan.
  • A visual testament to the shared identity and familial bonds within Clan Chattan.
Clan Chattan Crest

Clan Coat of Arms

The heraldic Clan Chattan coat of arms is a visual narrative of the clan's achievements and enduring legacy:

  • Prominent symbols and heraldic elements that chronicle the storied history of Clan Chattan.
  • Unique features that distinguish the Chattan clan and its contributions to Scottish heritage.
  • A visual representation of the clan's commitment to honor, tradition, and resilience.
Clan Chattan Coat of Arms

Clan Tartan

The Clan Chattan tartan is a masterpiece of design, featuring distinctive patterns and colors that encapsulate the essence of the clan:

  • Rich hues and intricate patterns that mirror the natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands.
  • A harmonious blend of colors symbolizing the unity, strength, and resilience of Clan Chattan.
  • A visual tapestry that tells the story of the clan's connection to Scotland and its enduring spirit.
Clan Chattan Tartan

Clan Motto and Translation

The motto of Clan Chattan is "Touch Not the Cat Bot a Glove," a phrase rich in meaning and historical significance:

"Touch Not the Cat Bot a Glove" translates to "Touch not the cat without a glove" in English. This motto conveys a message of caution and preparedness. The 'cat' in the motto likely refers to the wildcat, symbolizing the Chattan clan. The inclusion of the glove suggests that approaching or challenging the clan should be done with care and respect, emphasizing the importance of being prepared for the consequences.


In conclusion, the legacy of Clan Chattan is an integral part of the broader Scottish narrative. With a rich history, distinctive crest, coat of arms, tartan, and a motto that echoes through the ages, Clan Chattan continues to hold a special place in the hearts of those who honor and cherish Scotland's vibrant heritage.