Hi Rudy, great work, the passport cover arrived the day before I left. I gave all the key rings away My colleagues/friends were very impressed.
–R. Keating, Ontario, 09/2014

May I ask why you have been inspired to make such beautiful gifts with a Celtic Influence.
–Jenny, Chester, U.K.

The journal exceeded our expectations!
–Andrew, Houston, USA

Thank you for the great service, definitely a ‘Rare Discovery’ for me.
–Diane, Orleans, ON

The binder and address book are beautiful. What incredible work you do, I am so pleased.
–Janice, Crosby, TX

The Towne Realty’s 50th Anniversary was very special. One of the highlights was presenting our founder with a leather-bound commemorative book custom designed by Rudi
–A. Wigchers, President, Towne Realty Inc. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I am stunned at the quality of the passport cover & Money clip in the 200 yr old leather.
–Pvt 1Class. R.K.J. Edmonton