Celtic Wolfhound Bracelet


Bracelet features an intricate Celtic Wolfhound. Made from Sterling Silver 15gauge or 1.45mm thick and weights 49.2gr. Hand engraved and pierced design inspired by the tale of Cu Chulainn. It is an Irish wolfhound intertwined in the Celtic tradition. The background is stippled as are so many of the early CELTIC SILVER object like the ARDAGH CHALICE and the gospel manuscripts such as the Lindisfarne Gospels folios 3, and folio 211 “QUONIAM” that was illuminated with letters surrounded by red dots to accentuate the designs. See the detail below on the silver and the page from the Lindisfarne folio 211.

After the picture from the Lindisfarne Gospels I have added detail of a pair of bracelets that are not stippled and made from a lighter silver 3.7gr a lot less work therefore more reasonable.$445.00.


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