“In the current mindset of conservation and recycling we need to focus on things that will last.”

Lindisfarne Gospels - About UsIt may only be obvious to my earlier clients that there are some changes to the website, however the image here is one of the pages from the Lindisfarne Gospels that are proof of the sort of things that last. Written and illuminated some 1400 years ago it is still readable and with a little care can still be handled (providing the curator will allow) with white gloves.

Another example is the most famous of all illuminated books, the ‘Book of Kells” currently in the care of Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. It however was handled by Roger Powell when he was approached to rebind the pages and correct some of the earlier binding mistakes that had been made.

I was fortunate enough to have met Roger in London several years later and it struck me that I was one of the people who touched the hands of the man who held the Book of Kells.

The reason that both lasted as long as they did is the material, ‘vellum’ the hides of sheep, not as strong as goat skin but then the Dead Sea Scrolls were written on goat skin. Well enough of sheep & goat skin,I have worked with calf and cow hides for over half a century and clients of mine have returned after a quarter of a century with an item that I made and the thread had worn not the leather.

Since the designs that I use are almost all Celtic designs and one of my interests was in books and binding, it naturally follows that I would wish the have protection for the corners which get most of the wear & tear. This is how I became involved in metal work. My father was a silversmith and the methods of working leather is very similar to working with metal, outline the design and hammer it down. Methods may vary but adapting to the tools is no great leap.

In closing Dear Reader I shall desist from blowing my horn and let my clients tell you of my efforts.

Hi Rudy, great work, the passport cover arrived the day before I left. I gave all the key rings away My colleagues/friends were very impressed.
–R. Keating, Ontario, 09/2014

May I ask why you have been inspired to make such beautiful gifts with a Celtic Influence.
–Jenny, Chester, U.K.

The journal exceeded our expectations!
–Andrew, Houston, USA

Thank you for the great service, definitely a ‘Rare Discovery’ for me.
–Diane, Orleans, ON

The binder and address book are beautiful. What incredible work you do, I am so pleased.
–Janice, Crosby, TX

The Towne Realty’s 50th Anniversary was very special. One of the highlights was presenting our founder with a leather-bound commemorative book custom designed by Rudi
–A. Wigchers, President, Towne Realty Inc. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I am stunned at the quality of the passport cover & Money clip in the 200 yr old leather.
–Pvt 1Class. R.K.J. Edmonton